The Nuture of Nature

I dream every day of,
Where or who you might be.
Are you the dark haired lady,
Who looks my way across the street?

Why is it that I look for you?
In the middle of a crowd,
Hoping that you might notice me,
And see yourself through my eyes.

It isn't that I've had a difficult life.
Or that my "other" has failed me.
She given me experiences,
My memories and most of all, her unconditional love.

But still my thoughts turn to you.
Where are you, what are you doing?
Do you feel a sense of fulfillment in your life?
Or is something a miss such as mine?

I know I have the shape of your eyes,
But the color of someone else's.
My hands are the direct replica of yours.
As well as my bodily shape.

Recently, I have learned to use my woman's intuition,
Is it such that puts the knot in my stomach?
Or is it just my curiosity?
Could this be the one thing you've left for me?

Either way, as I embark on the biggest Journey of my life,
I wish to be able to show you,
How I have lived these last 20 years,
Because I certainly need her, you and him in the next.

With all of my love,
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