Right Head

I don't wanna
Go to bed
I wanna get
In your head

With your head
In mine
I can
Finally cast
My lusts
To Oblivion

I can salvage
Your body
I can ravage
Your soul, too

I can make
It all better
For one fraction
Of a period in time
This earth calls
One second.

Too bad it
Wouldn't last
A lifetime
'Cuz then,
You'd be mine.

Colleen L. Pridemore 2009 ©

Inter Mountian

All about what
I want.

Has been & always
Will be

I held so FAST
to that

Now I find
Myself Here

And I can't
Let GO

Can't let go

Home is
No refuge

I can't go
Back there

No matter what,
I must stay

But I can't let go
Of me.

I had it all,
Everything one
Would need

But what I
Needed was
All in me

No, I don't
want to be
No, not in
This place

Can't see myself
For the mirrors
are so cloudy,
they hide
my true