Festering Fools

Why do I scream so
Loudly in pain?
In my silence I simmer,
reducing to no gain

Is it me who wants you
or you who wants me?
I never know, so I go
through the cloud of rage

A tiger born free,
but biting on her cage

July 3, 1997 © CLPridemore

Myopic Gravity

The comet's still in the Western Sky
I see it every night
and wonder why

Why does it linger?
Why not burn toward the earth?

It's wide tail, it seems
like mist
As if it's raining where
Here is a photograph of comet with a very long tail, in the night skyit sits

Is it undecided
like me?
to a purposeful move?
Passing the time
with nothing to prove?

Movement is slow-seeming
in the night sky
Even this comet
knows how to cry.

"Feel the Earth's pull"
I urge that faint light
"I feel your pain
I know your plight"

I want it to see
what it should --
our awe and our fear
of the evil and the good

Leave us Hale-Bobb
leave us in peace
or destroy us in fire
if you please

Just do something
damn it --
Else I fall to love you

April 1997 © CLPridemore


A babe of the sixties
born out of need

A child in the seventies
learned to hold greed

Lost my way in the eighties
trying to find the real me

Now a product in the nineties
just wanting to be free

July 12, 1997 © CLPridemore


Surreptitiously I spy the man,
the man I wed
He's only a photo, not a person
He exists in my head.

I'm so lost and alone
A singular soul without a home
Does he miss me too?

I think he does
I hear it in his voice on the line
We speak daily
But I'm out of my mind.

I cry, I drink, I laugh
it doesn't matter
'cuz it all feels the same
I look lost and unhappy
But I have no shame.

'Cuz I really miss James.

December 2006 © CLPridemore