"When you manifest what matters most to you; the unmanifested no longer matters."

Ground Zero

The answers lie within our minds
Using logistical, semantical reason
Will chase it from where it hides

It has always been and always
Will be

War can't stop it
Death will encourage it

For from the ruins come flowers
From the flowers
Starts the true circle

Copyright ©2001 -- CL Pridemore

Paid for War

Standing where he sat
an hour before
Finally, I could see

I gazed upon him
to find a missing leg
and no foot on the other

Homage paid to his cup
evoked a sound respect
Above him
the horns were mute;
Only a drum could play this tune

Most passed by
and didn't see --
His short time,
his turn,
Under the golden trumpets.

Copyright ©2001 -- CL Pridemore

Christmastime - formerly Marshall Fields Chicago, IL