You didn't leave me
You left HER
I forgive you NOT
For leaving us all
I hold on to my anger
As you drift
through the darkness
Of that other world

If I ever find you
I will bind you
In a place you would call hell
But I guess your'e
Already there
Trying to pull me down
With you
But my wings are
Stronger than your
Earth claws
And I can slay
You with my eyes

You'll never get me
I will always rise
Above you
Out of your grasp
No matter how
Many times you try
To take me there

I AM VioletSite
and YOU are No-Thing
But dust

I am never afraid!

You still teach me
And make me stronger
I'll kill you until you
Cannot take the pain
Any longer
Then I'll curse every
Piece of you
Left here
On earth

You are NOT my father
In my life
You have NO WORTH

Go haunt another --
I say this in the name of
My Mother.