I do in the dew
what others cannot see
That place of windless Aire
existing in every tree
This is not physical
but a relation of mind
to live in the system
with no worry of time
bound in the will
choices i have made
give me the option
to lie in the shade
pick a leaf or a shave of the bark
I see the same story;
That trees can hold
C. L. Pridemore © 2008


Woke up hot and not with you
I'm outta time
I guess we're through

Threw myself away
To get a good look
At you

Don't want the
Card you're writing
It don't seem inviting
Feels like you'll throw
It all away anyway

I wish you would
You are too damned good
My heart can't
Take this pain
You're pulling me out
And up, then
Back to the ground again



Outta Mind

Too deja for words
That's what I heard
Then I wrote all this down
With a pen

Gimme a Brahms or a
13th Baktun
The timing is music
And it plays in my head

The pain I bare
With the strength of a bear
Is something I'll have
'Til I'm dead

Laughing Bird

Of winged migration 
Those birds fly high
I keep them aloft
With powers of mind

Today I touched the earth
And reached the ground
I spent the Red and marveled
At the Violet I found

Met the mind of 
A man in kind
Sparked my senses
And woke my mind

Reminded me to laugh
My ass off here and there
And stay true to ME
No matter who cares