A blue caterpillar
Walks among a forest
Of branches entwined

Searches for home
To ease her troubled mind

In her silence she sings
To awake with wings
Upon Spring



Every Body's
A saint in Kali

Each element
Pure grace in Kali

Each Being Love's
Love in Cali

Many people
Are family in Cali

My whole family
Is Kali


Ok, so this one isn't mine, but I'm completely enamored by it and willing to manifest an intention inspired by it. Great work!


Disfunction is an injunction
Of the mind

An arrested creation
Of twisted synapses

The chaos of logic
Living in quantum clouds

Written on 01.20.14 --AG died 01.19.14


I sit before her
Hands on face
Tryin to remember
The haze of a crazy day

Spoiled grapes spilled backward
Bite my tongue
Helping to engage
The mind of the young

Her knowledge of past
Was not about Christmas
She feels the true magik
At long last

As she spills more grapes
I get farther
From her World



You didn't leave me
You left HER
I forgive you NOT
For leaving us all
I hold on to my anger
As you drift
through the darkness
Of that other world

If I ever find you
I will bind you
In a place you would call hell
But I guess your'e
Already there
Trying to pull me down
With you
But my wings are
Stronger than your
Earth claws
And I can slay
You with my eyes

You'll never get me
I will always rise
Above you
Out of your grasp
No matter how
Many times you try
To take me there

I AM VioletSite
and YOU are No-Thing
But dust

I am never afraid!

You still teach me
And make me stronger
I'll kill you until you
Cannot take the pain
Any longer
Then I'll curse every
Piece of you
Left here
On earth

You are NOT my father
In my life
You have NO WORTH

Go haunt another --
I say this in the name of
My Mother.

I lied
I did it because I could
Not because I should
I just wanted to take a chance
To see if I would
Totally feel that good

Now I take up my hood
Leave the ground to
Where I should;
That place of Windless Aire
And leave this body of wood.

 © CLPridemore 10.23.2010

Somatic Mutation

Which makes you tired of it all
So prearrange yourself
For the big Fall.

You'll come though the light
And with all of your might,
You'll want to posses it all

Leave yourself behind
So then you can find
To learn how to do it
With your mind

Just let it all go
And go with the flow
When you let the
Golden Ratios Unwind.

© CLPridemore 10.27.2013

Potentiality of Sailing

I'm in love with a dream
The potential of what
Could be
It doesn't exist 

I believe in it

What is this blind faith?
What tells me
It could be real?
When it's only something
My heart can feel.

There is none
Proof yet to be seen
I'm only in a dream
With love
I'm only in love with
A dream.

I shall spill the wind
From my sails
To loose these
And capture
The wind, Anew.