Chasing Rabits

I know I must let you go
But you feel so good
Don't know if I could
Ever live without you

You will hurt me, I know
Better do it quick
Better do it now

Before this pain sears my
Barely beating heart
And sends me into the ground
Crying for death

Keep me, O keep me,
Near in your thoughts
Love me, O love me
Here in this hell

You wanted me
I needed you
I let the fire touch my body
Now it burns in my soul

Will I ever reach heaven?
From these depths of despair?
Will I ever see blue sky?
Or again breathe fresh air?

I believed in the dream,
it was mine to disown.
Putting my grace on you
And your lust in me

I chose to go down that rabbit hole
Now Alice, she wants to go home.
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