Falling from his mouth
Streams of loving Grace
His eyes, I see once again
A familiar line of his face

We've known for so long
How to sing the same song

So why must we wait
To give away
What we want?

Why can't the
Creative passion
Beg for more
Until the light
Of Violet dawns?

'Cuz now ain't the time
To bust that rhyme

You'll know what to do
When you feel the dew

Until then, keep your head
Time's on your side
So don't pull that thread

Be sure you know
That you're in the flow

Don't rush the love
Until it's sent
From above

Be sure you know
Which way you'll go

Or you'll find it
Once again
That you're not
Your best friend

And sittin' sad and alone
Wonderin' what
you done

Just run wit what U brung

10.23.2009 © Colleen L. Pridemore
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