Stream of Consciousness Writing

I crave inspiration! I crave better health! I crave food! I crave my sanity! I crave understanding! I crave distraction! I crave intention! I crave purpose! I crave, I crave, I crave.

I want a haircut & perm. I crave a physical change.

Yes, self-programming is the key. And I KNOW this! So why won't I pick up that damn key and use it?

The brightest of intention is not enough my sweet child. You must temper yourself into the longing of your desire. Fearing, wanting, craving are all symptoms of no connection. You must reinstall the connection usingthe meditative practices you know so well. These times demand this of you. You are not a being of shallow enlightenment. The budda has shown for you a way out of sufering. It is your choice. This human life is only about choices. That is your free will. Learning how to free your will in the begi8nning was easy. It was exciting to REMEMBER all of your programming of the Universe. But now, you must really LEARN these things. You are learning you are making the choice to allow yourself into the void or not. If you choose this human 3d pane, that is where you will stay. But you know your existence is ABOVE and BELOW as well. You must exist in two places - hence the name BIPOLAR. Two existences at onece. You can do this! This is WHO YOU ARE! You are NOT thins person with no direction or reasoning of mind. Elemental subjects mush be investegated. Sto pfightsing, start eaccepting yourself. Just how you are at this moment is reality. ACCCEPT IT~ Feel those hard feelings, cry those dry dry tears that you long to let go. Allow yourself to once again FEEL the emotions of this world so you can let them go back into the universe where they belwo. THey don't belong inside of you! Yoour eaerthly body cannot hold them. let go.

Grammar and spelling mistakes in this post have been intentionally unedited. When I write this way I close my eyes and type in a relaxed state. However, the above is an example of a "not-so-relaxed" state.
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