Kristy Lee Bohlin

May 7, 1985


As I now write this letter, I think of the day you will read i
t. What a big day in your life that would be.

First of all, I want you to know that I love you very much and I wanted you to have a better life than what I could give you.

Those 9 months of joy that you gave me were like heaven. I created you, so I felt I was perfect for you, a "perfect dream". But I had to get out of the dream and think of
your (and my) future. I know what I've done for you is the best, but I long already for you, and in years to come I know I will grieve even more.

If you ever need anything, or would want to talk to me, here is a list of people w
ho would be able to locate me.

I love you Kristy,

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